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About us

About our Foundation

SVYF is a Youth-Led, community based organization that aims to promote education, health and wellbeing of all the children and youth in Malawi.

Foundation Overview

Save The Village Youth Foundation is established in order to lift the youths of Malawi through assistance that benefits the following causes:
  • Education
  • FemaleYouthEmpowerment
  • Hunger
  • The effects of the HIV / AIDS epidemic

  • Everyone has the right to a good education! When young people are educated they are more likely to be aware of their rights and better able to make sure that these rights are respected. Save The Village provides young people in Villages with vital skills and critical thinking and confidence, creating a healthy basis for everyone to succeed in life. General Information Non-profit organization serves and helps youths in villages with their Education needs, in order to improve their quality of life and ability to participate in the community.

    Founding date:
    April 2010

    Save the Village Youth Foundation efforts and activities aim at changing young girls and women’s mentality from “can’t do it” to “can do it”. SVYF is creating an environment where young women can have a voice about issues facing them in their own communities. These activities boost their self- esteem and allow them to participate on an equal platform as their male counterparts.

    Meet our Executive Director

    Ms. Ponelo Kalonga Nyama

    Executive Director

    Ms. Ponelo Kalonga Nyama is an experienced program manager specializing in Gender and Economic Empowerment programs. She has managed numerous projects and programs in different parts of Malawi. Ponelo is committed to reforming girl’s education in Malawi with a particular interest in improving the accessibility of schooling adolescent girls with the aim of the achieving global goals. She believes that investing in girls is one of the smartest things we can do to promote a healthier, more prosperous world. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. As a passionate and internationally acclaimed advocate for young people, education, communities and peace. She was named best mentee of the year 2017 by the Global Thinkers Forum. A global platform bringing together a diverse network of leaders and creating meaningful networking and conversations around global challenges and trends. In November 2018, she was appointed as the Malawi Youth Ambassador for the Arab Africa Council for International Development by the president of Egypt. "I believe every girl has the right to be in charge of her future and her fate, and that we have the collective obligation to protect her rights and promote her wellbeing"